Easy Blockchain

We are aware that blockchain development is not easy.

Don't worry! It is very straightforward and effortless.

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Supported Networks

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Create and Manage Blockchain Applications

Smart Contract, Dapp... It is really easy, as it seems...

Create your own Dapp, share it with your friends or team members.
Using blockchain on your new project, is just one click away!

Deploy Smart Contracts

No More Remix!

Deploy Smart Contracts, just in two steps.
Either choose from our sample contracts or, write your own.

It is also very easy to deploy new versions of your contracts, no need for changing contract addresses or complex ABI file imports.

Network Page Screenshot
Network Page Screenshot

Use Your Smart Contracts

Use our REST API and SDKs to communicate with your Smart Contract in a few lines of code.

Available Open Source SDKs

Python Coming Soon
Java Coming Soon